"This is an excellent product. I am making good use of it for my Hanukkah candles. It helps keep the candles in the holder without having to melt the bottom of the candles. It is also worth noting that the container is easy to open."

- J. Verstaendig, PhD, Beeswax Candle Customer

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Keep Your Candles Upright And Keep The Party Going

Candles today have become decorative accents for celebratory occasions and a key feature of religious rituals. Hyoola's Sticky Wax is perfect for all of these purposes and more. Set a romantic candlelit supper, produce a welcoming glow at weddings and celebrations, memorialize the deceased at a gravesite, or recite church prayers with ease. Simply rub our candle paste onto your candlestick insert and stay safe.

Hyoola Candle Wax will secure any candle to any holder and keep them in place for hours. No more worrying about your candle being loose and falling out of its holder causing a mess or worse starting a fire.

Get These Candle Stickers Today And Let Hyoola Light Up Your Life!

An Asset To Any Occasion


  • 1 Container
    2.4 Ounces
    High Quality Wax
    Handmade in the USA

Simple And Easy To Use

Using Candle Magic Is Simple And Easy plus it's also mess-free. Our wax is made from the highest quality wax. Let Hyoola ensure you have enough candle wax to help you light up any occasion. You never have to melt the bottom of any candle again to get it to stay in place!

Just rub the wax from the container on your candle. Next stick your candle in your candle holder and light your candle. It's that simple!

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