This burns so brightly and nicely. It has a 38 hour burn time and no scent, which I love. It's hard to find bright red candles that don't smell like cinnamon, so I was really pleased to find this! Definitely recommended.

Jane Q, Hyoola Candle Customer

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100% renewable and sustainable materials



By a brand you can trust



Self-extinguishing pillar



Made with 100% renewable and sustainable materials. They are Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. These natural pillar candles are made from animal-derived stearin and rapeseed wax, both from European yields.

ORGANIC AND UNSCENTED: These handmade pillar candles are unscented and safe for the environment. These organic candles are made with 100% natural wax - using stearin and rapeseed (canola) waxes. No palm oil, or palm wax, no petroleum, no soy wax, and paraffin-free.

Our candles are made of two-thirds stearin, and one-third rapeseed wax


These premium pillars burn beautifully and are safer to use than traditional pillar candles.

With our Self-Extinguishing Pillars you can enjoy the quality of this premium pillar with peace of mind knowing it comes with a safety device incorporated. The candles flame will self extinguishes when it burns down to its base.

Our Natural candles burn bright and clean bringing elegance and beauty to any room.

Beautifully Light Any Room With Hyoola Natural Candles

Natural Candles Provide The Perfect Light For A Cozy And Relaxing Environment


5.1" Height x 2.3" Diameter (130mm x 60mm)
Eco-sensitive and Earth-friendly
Made with 100% renewable and sustainable materials
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Unscented and safe for both indoor/outdoor use
Packed securely in plastic-free packaging
Produced in Europe by a brand you can trust
Handmade - 100% natural wax

Brighten Your Party Or Special Event With Beautiful Decorative Candles

Get the best candles available with Hyoola! They're quality produced candles from 100% all natural wax. Hyoola candles will remain lit for hours at a time so you know you're getting incredible usage out of them.

Invest in the best! HYOOLA PURE CANDLES are 100% Natural and are naturally derived and made with renewable and sustainable materials.

Make a difference!! Keep our Earth Clean!!

" And this one is just what I wanted and needed. I went through the recent snowstorm in Texas without power for 6 days. I had several candles that I used up, but most were fragrant candles that were in containers. They worked for the time I needed them, but I learned after burning them for hours and hours so I could see in the dark when I had to go to the bathroom or fix myself a PBJ sandwich. Anyway, the container candles were smaller and short-lived. I think I went through around 15 candles during those 6 days. Afterwards, I was looking to replace the spent candles and decided I would prefer a larger candle NOT in a container (easier to light as it burns down) and not scented...not that it wasn't nice to smell the fragrance in the cold air, but it wasn't necessary at the time. This is a candle that should last me quite a while and the color fits with my kitchen's main color so it looks nice on the candle pedestal where it sits in the kitchen next to the sink. I do like having my emergency candle nearby and easy to grab and light. I had one in a container before and then had to dig out all the smaller candles I had to keep light in the house at night. You never know when the electricity may go out and it is best to have a good candle like this one at the ready when you need it!"

- Cat M

"This is a simple candle yet beautiful. I use it for a alter and it burns slow and even. Their isn’t any smell to it either. You can use this as a decor candle or burn it and it will still be a simple yet gorgeous feature to any room."

- Reviewology

"This is the second candle that I have used from Hyoola Pure. This candle, which measures 2.5 inches by 5 inches in height is perfect for any decor. I have been using candles on an every day basis for many years. I love how this particular brand is made with 100% natural wax and is paraffin and fragrance free! That means there is no scent clash with the herbs, incense or essential oils I am already using. For the money, this candle is very well made and beats cheap candles you can find almost anywhere. This candle burns evenly with little to no sign of "tunneling". When burning any candle, however, make sure to keep your wicks trimmed, out of drafts, and safely away from anything that can ignite. Also, make sure to never leave candles burning unmonitored."

- Christina Paul

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your candle wicks 100% cotton?

Yes. All of our natural candles use 100% cotton wick.

Do you add chemicals to your natural candles?

No. We add no chemicals to our natural candles. All of our wax is 100% pure and natural.

Do you add scents to your natural candles?

No, we do not add scents to any of our candles.

Why don't my burn times match your listed burn times?

Our burn time is not a guarantee, it is a conservative estimate based on testing of hundreds of candles. Results can vary somewhat based on your environment and burning preferences. Proper wick maintenance can also play a role in how fast your candle burns.

Do your candle wicks contain lead?

No, all our candle wicks are lead-free.

Do your candle wicks contain any metals?

No, all our candle wicks are metal-free.

Why do my candles measure slightly smaller than the size stated?

The candle sizes we list are taken from the mold’s size, not the finished candle's size.

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