What's the Difference Between a Tea Light Candle and a Votive Candle?

What is Tea Light Candle?

A tea light is a type of candle that can be made into thin metal tins, jars, or cups made of glass and other items. The purpose of making a tea light is that when the candle melts, its wax is collected in the same mold in which it is placed instead of being lost. Through this process, it can be made usable again and again. Tea lights are usually placed in molds that are small, large, and inexpensive. Tea lights are named after teapot warmers. They are also used to keep food warm, for example, fondue.

Tea light candles are very popular, especially used to heat aromatic oils. Their biggest advantage is that they are sealed in one mold and do not drip down. Tea lights can also be placed on the water to make the environment more attractive, in which they begin to float and do not sink. That is why they are also used as decorations at many events. Due to their small size and low light, tea lights are usually lit in large quantities at the same time. Tea lights that burn for a long time are called night lights. Tea lights and night lights are also used in religious festivals.


How long can the tea lights stay on?

Tea lights are available in the market in different colors and sizes. You can buy Tea lights in both small and large sizes. You can also choose the duration of the light and the fragrance when buying a Tea light. Most Tea lights are available in the market in small size and cylinder shape; their wax is without fragrance and white.


A normal tea light typically produces as much as 32 watts of light, but the level of light and the duration of its burning depends on its wax. A tea light can usually stay on for 3 to 5 hours.


Where can Tea Light be used?

When Tea lights are lit in large quantities at a party or a religious festival, for example, 50 Tea lights or more, only two standards are required; the first is that their smoke is minimal, and Secondly, the duration of their light is long. So, they remain burning for a long time.



How is Tea Light designed?

In tea lights, the wick is attached to a piece of metal so that it does not start floating on the wax but burns as long as the wax is present. Tea lights are manufactured in many designs. Sometimes Tea lights are made in plastic cups instead of metal cups, and sometimes Tea lights are also made in polycarbonate plastic. The transparent cup further enhances its light level and improves its quality, but tea lights are usually made in metal cups.


Tea light holders

Tea lights are also placed in the holders. These holders are specially designed for a Tea light. The walls of such holders are usually kept transparent so that light can pass through them easily. Holders are available in the market, from small ceramic glass and metal holders to large tea lamps. They use specially designed cups in which you can place tea light candles, whether they are scented or not. You can get these tea light candles from shopping malls, gift shops, or any home decor shop.


Electrical Tea Lights

Electric Tea Lights are a type of Tea Light as an innovation in the market. Electrical tea lights are becoming very popular in the market. In the electrical lights, incandescent or LED bulbs are used. Because LED light is much higher than Tea light, therefore it is preferred over a Tea light. Electrical Tea lights come in many colors, which you can adjust to suit your mood.


Electrical Tea lights are more efficient than ordinary Tea lights, as they have no safety concerns. You can leave them without any hassle, as it has neither flame nor heat, which can cause you to burn something or cause an accident. You can keep them without any stand, without any mold, even in holders made of paper or wood. Electrical Tea lights are so small that they can be easily adjusted anywhere where burning Tea lights are difficult to adjust. Electrical lights do not generate heat; therefore, they cannot be used to keep food warm.


Votive Candles

Votive Candles are a great option, which you can use to decor your home and office. Votive consists of small candles that are generally considered to be Tea light; however, there is a difference between Tea light and Votive candles.


The difference between Votive Candles and Tea light

Both the Tea Light and the Votive Candles are easy to replace, as they are both small in size. Tea lights are made in self-made cups, while you need Votive candle containers to light Votive Candles. Sometimes Votive Candles come in containers that you can reuse, and once the wax is completely melted, it can be reused.


Tea lights are small, which makes their burning time very short. Votive Candles come in different sizes, and their height is higher, which helps them to burn more. That's why Votive Candles last longer than Tea lights. Tea lights and Votive Candles have the same diameter. So you can use the same utensils for Votive Candles and Tea lights.


It is difficult to decide between Tea lights and Votive Candles, but the decision between them can depend on three factors.

  • Burning time
  • Cleaning
  • Costs


When it comes to lighting, tea lights burn less than votive lights. You can choose them according to the situation. For example, if you need lights for a short period, tea lights are a good choice. You can use them for yoga classes, religious services, or ceremonies. Votive lights can be used for long-lasting burns, for example, wedding ceremonies, receptions, or romantic dinners.


Because tea lights come in self-made molds, they are easier to clean and disposed. Votive Candles burn in the container more than Tea lights, making them harder to replace.

Votive Candles are more expensive than a Tea light, so if you need more main candles, and only need each candle for a short time, a Tea light may be more effective for you. Votive Candles are more expensive, but because they burn longer, they are effective for a place where you need each candle longer.

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