What You Need to Know About Buying Candles Online

Description: Buying quality candles online can be tricky. Here are six tips to help you find the best quality candles.

Finding quality candles online can be a big challenge. They might look perfect on the website, but when you receive them you are disappointed. So, how can you tell which candles online are worth your money and which ones aren’t?

Here are six things to look for when you are shopping online for good quality candles: 

  • All Natural
  • Make sure any candles you buy are made of 100% natural ingredients. Some candles are made with many additives that become toxic when burned. Your candles should be beautiful to look at as well as healthy for your family.

    Look for candles that are made from 100% beeswax with 100% cotton wicks. Beeswax candles burn the longest and brightest. They also purify the air while they burn. Make sure the wicks do not contain any metal filaments that are toxic when burned.

  • Locally Made
  • Support your local economy by purchasing products that are manufactured in the USA. You are more likely to get quality ingredients from companies that sell handcrafted, locally made candles. Try to find companies that use locally sourced materials in their candles as well.

  • Burn Times
  • When you are shopping online, look for candle companies that list their expected burn times for each of their products. This is the estimated amount of time that the candle is expected to stay lit. Low-quality candles have lower burn times than higher-quality candles.

    You should expect high-quality tea lights to burn for approximately four hours. Taper candles burn for different times depending on their size. Ten-inch tapers should burn for approximately 10 hours, nine-inch tapers burn for around five hours and five-inch tapers should burn for around four hours.

  • Refund Policy
  • Before making your purchase, check out what kind of return policy the company offers. Make sure it is listed clearly on the website and that you agree to the terms laid out. They should tell you what the window is for returns, how the return will be processed, and what you can expect.

  • Specialize in Candles
  • The best places to buy candles online usually specialize in only candles. They should have a lot of candle-specific information on their website so you can learn more about their products easily. Look for companies that focus on the type of candles that you are looking for.

  • Reviews
  • Online reviews can also help you to decide if an online candle company is selling good quality candles. Make sure you read the written reviews to see what real people are saying about them. You can often get good insights into a company’s products by searching for reviews.

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