What can you use your Tea Light Candles for?

tea light candles

Tea light Candles can be a great choice to keep around the house, as they provide great help to enhance the home decoration. Tea lights also provide low light but are still widely used.

Tea lights are called tea lights because it was widely used to keep the tea warm. Teapots were placed on top of the bases, and a tea light was lit beneath them, which helped keep the tea warm.

Such stands are still sold to keep the tea warm and used in homes and cafes.

Creative minds keep thinking about new things and how to make things better with innovation or do something new through them. Those things that, are done with Tea lights enhanced the beauty and played a potential role in saving money.



Tea light Candles are widely used at Halloween events. Tea lights are also used during Diwali celebrations. With the help of Tea lights, we can do all kinds of decorations and involve children in this project. It can be a great of fun for both children and parents.



Tea light Candles provide very little light, but we can also produce more light. For more light, we only need old glassware from the house. You can use this old glassware to make attractive lanterns. This process is as simple as using a tee light in a jar or placing tee lights on a table. All you need is a small wire to hang it easily. Some people paint glass jars to create attractive shadows with Tea lights.



Tea lights can also be used as an air freshener. So you will need just a little bit of essential oil. To create a fragrance from tea lights, you have to drip oil directly on the tea lights, or the essential oil and water are put in a jar lid and hung over the tea lights. In this way, fragrant vapors are created that are enough to fill the room with fragrance. Another famous method that is very popular for creating fragrances with tea lights is to put the tea lights in a candle jar or coffee bean cup.


Tea lights are used to make space heaters. For this purpose, you need a clay plant pot, some tea lights, something to keep the light burn, which is fireproof, and something to keep the clay plant pot above the ground. It will be enough to heat some areas. Sometimes it is also used to prevent the pipe from bursting.



We need fire to burn the tea lights, and once the tea lights burn, they produce heat, and if you want to make the food from tea lights, you need to focus on the heat. The fact is that a single Tea light can never be enough to boil food, but if a few Tea lights are lit at once, it might be possible to make food with tea lights. Fondue is one of the common examples of this.


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