Top Tips for Burning Beeswax Candles

Unlike candles made of artificial material, natural candles are eco-friendly and have many other benefits. Beeswax Candles are one of those lighting sources made of natural and quite eco-friendly material. Due to their tons of benefits, they are becoming popular day by day. However, their burning method is not identical to that of candles made up of artificial material. So, one should learn how to burn them effectively. Here are some tips for you if you're using these kinds of candles to lighten your place.


10 Tips for Burning Beeswax Candles


When you're going to burn beeswax candles, there are certain things to avoid and certain things to adopt. Here are some amazing tips that you will find very useful.


1- Remove Labels from Candle


When any manufacturer packs the candles, it fixes its label on them. Make sure that you have removed all the labels from your candle.


2- Use a Heat Resistant Holder


Holder plays a great role in the safe burning of the candle. In the end, if the holder is heat resistant, the surrounding area will also be safe. However, if the holder is burnable, it will catch dangerous fire. So, always use a heat or flame-resistant candle holder.


3- Trim the Wick


Before you use any candle, trim its wick at least ¼ inch. Go for this practice before each burn. You can even do them before you store your bulk candles.


4- Light at the Base


After you have trimmed the wick, make sure that you light up the candle from the base of the wick.


5- Place the Candle at Safe Place


The candle flame may damage the surrounding things. So, make sure that you have placed it away from your precious drafts.


6- Hug the Edges


When the candle keeps on burning, it will melt the wax on the edges. Hug the edges for a smooth burning.


7- Make the Flame Smooth


If you notice that the flame of the candle smokes or flickers, make it smooth by trimming the wick or hugging the edges.


8- Avoid Leaving a Burning Candle


Different emergency damages are associated with a burning candle. So, avoid leaving the burning candle as it may damage the surrounding things.


9- Never Put the Candles too Close


Grouping the beeswax candles is a great idea as it gives an appealing look. However, the flame of one candle may affect the wax of the other one. So, make sure that you have put them away from one another. Moreover, keep a close eye on them if you're burning them in groups.


10- Add Coconut Oil


If you are facing trouble in burning beeswax candles, you can use coconut oil for a smooth and consistent burning. So, add this oil to avoid tunneling and make them burn smooth.




Beeswax Candles are one of those candles that give a bright and appealing flame without any side effects. However, you can make them burn brighter and more effectively by following the above-mentioned tips. Follow these tips to make your place brighter and more appealing with beeswax candles.

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