Natural versus Non-Natural Candles – What’s the Difference?

Description:  What makes one candle natural and another not? Learn the differences in this blog post.


Years ago, candles were the source of light when the sun went down. Currently candles are used to give off a soft romantic glow or used as decoration. Whatever the reason that you use candles, you need to think about the product that you are burning. What is the difference between a natural and unnatural candle, and why does it matter?



Many candles are made with paraffin wax and have chemicals for a variety of smells and colors. There are good reasons for having your candle have a certain smell. Aromatherapy is one use of specific scents to relax or to have a calming effect. Sometimes a smell can trigger a happy memory and bring you into a place of tranquility. Paraffin is made from petroleum products and while this is found naturally in coal and shale, the addition of scents and colors add unnatural elements. This is a concern if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to air pollution.


Natural candles are made from bees or soy wax, and do not include additives to change the color or smell. In fact, beeswax candles have a natural honey scent that is mild and soothing. 


Burn time

The burn time and brightness are also a factor when looking at natural versus non-natural candles. When using a synthetic candle, the chemicals that are added to the wax often will make the wax softer. This causes it to burn faster. A fast burning candle does not support its wick, so the wick is often reinforced with zinc.


In a natural candle the wax is firmer and therefore there is no need to add metal to the wick to hold it straighter. This also means that it gives a more natural light to the candle and no toxins are released during the burn. The natural candle will burn slower and last longer as there are no chemicals to expediate the burning process.


Is one better than the other?

Whether you choose a natural candle or one enhanced with a scent or color is up to you. While natural candles, like beeswax, have their own scent and burn bright and clean, you may wish for a specific smell like pine or lavender. Since some paraffin products can release a small amount of toxicity, choose natural if you burn candles daily. If you burn candles only occasionally and prefer a certain color or scent, just ensure you purchase a high-quality, clean burning candle. Either way, supervise your candle at all times – never leave a burning candle unattended.


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