tea light candles

Tea Light Candles are used since decades traditionally and preferred to keep using food warm and are being used occasionally especially hosting the guests at home and restaurants. These lights look beautiful at sight but for decoration purposes, the scented tea lights are preferred more to seek the attention of every individual.

Tea-Lights is also known as night lights. Tea-lights usually have a diameter of 38 mm and a height of up to 16 mm. The Tea-Lights got their name from the fact that they were used to keep the teapots warm, they were placed under the teapots so that the mild tea rising from the tea lights would retain the flavor of the tea in the teapots and keep the tea warm.

Modern inventions and habits have eliminated the need for Tea-Lights to keep the tea warm, but it is still widely used for other purposes. It is also used to keep food warm, such as fondue. Fondue is used to keep things as they are.

Nowadays, you will find many varieties of Tea-Lights, including metal and plastic cups with different types of wax. The duration of the burning of Tea-lights can be from 4 to 8 hours, but with all Tea-Lights, it is important to take precautions related to burning.


Although Tea-Lights come with a lot of scented wax and fill your home with fragrance, there are many times when you will not want them at all. Prove the moment. For example, when you are hosting your guests, your guests will not want you to ignore their perfume. Also, unscented Tea-lights are great for dining tables and kitchens because they do not collide with food.


The fact is that it is difficult to compare the duration of a taper candle for Tea-Lights. Tea-Lights usually provide light for only 4 to 8 hours. The duration of Tea-Lights depends on the brand of Tea-lights and what kind of brand you use for Tea-Lights. A 12-inch taper candle lasts about 12 hours. However, it rarely happens that we need to light a candle for a long time. However, if you want to increase the duration of the Tea-Lights, you must keep cutting them and keep them away from drafts and strong winds. This method can be effective in increasing the duration of your Tea-Lights.


When it comes to holding Tea-Lights, this is a great choice because it involves imagination. Holder Tea-Lights come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


The following are some examples of Tea-Lights


Eggshells contained Tea-Lights

The Eggshells contain Tea-Lights look very beautiful. It is filled with wax inside the egg shells, and the egg shells are painted with different colors.


Driftwood bumps

In these tea lights, the driftwood bumps are used as the holders of the Tea-Lights. It can be a great choice for floating Tea-Lights.


Tin made Tea-Lights

Tea-Lights made in tin cans make a beautiful scene because they are punctured in tin cans so that light can escape from them. In addition, various patterns are made in the punctured holes for light in the tin so that the light coming out reflects a beautiful scene.

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