How to Use Tea Light Candles Safely?

Tea light candles are used for various purposes due to their uniqueness. However, these may get heated and may harm the surface they are put on. So, it's necessary to learn how to prevent the side effects of these candles as much as possible. Using the candles is not bad, using them without proper knowledge about the safety measurements will be bad.


To light up your place with these lighting sources safely, keep reading on. In the later section, we'll break down some dos and don'ts.


Do's and Don'ts of Tea Light Candles


Here are some tips that will help you in the safe burning of nightlight candles.


1- Use a Moderate Quantity of Paraffin


Paraffin is a fuel used in these mini candles. The more quantity of this flammable material means an aggressive flame. As you know, the basic purpose of these candles is to light up any space just for decorative purposes, so try to use candles that have a low quantity of paraffin in them.


2- Put on Inflammable Surface


If you put the candles on a flammable surface, it may damage the surface. So, try to put them on an inflammable surface. Moreover, make sure that you have secured the surface from the wax spills.


3- Go for Bee/Soy Wax


Bee and soy wax give the best burning experience. So, when it comes to choosing the wax for the candles, go for any of these kinds.


4- Avoid Leave Burning Candle Unattended


Burning Candle, naked in particular, always accompanies a risk. So, never leave a burning candle unattended. If you leave it, it may result in an emergency. So, avoid leaving it when it's burning.


5- Place Out of Reach of Children and Pets


Burning candles may damage the children or pets when they approach them. Moreover, pets may throw them on any precious item which may result in remarkable damage. So, avoid exposing the candles to the toddlers or pets.


6- Use Candle Holders


Many inflammable candle holders will not let the surface get damaged by the heat. Invest in such a holder for the safe use of candles. It will protect your precious items near the candles.


7- Clean the Wax in Cold State


When you try to clean the hot wax, it will not remove properly. Moreover, it may damage your skin. So, wait for the candle wax to get cool and then proceed to clean it.


8- Avoid Mixing Scented Oil in Candles


Mixing the aromatic oils into the candles is not good for people suffering from any respiratory issues. So, always use the oils in a separate pan with a small opening. This is a health tip. If you ignore it, you may have to suffer.




You can use the tea light candles for different purposes. However, you should follow certain preventive measurements too. If you ignore such measurements, you may have to suffer. We have discussed some essential tips for safe and secure usage of such candles, follow these tips for your safety.


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