How to optimize your beeswax taper candles burn?

Well, there is no denying that beeswax taper candles are quite beneficial and a popular product nowadays. Taper ones are the perfect choice for your formal dinners and events as they have a longer burn. You can use them for decoration and the natural scent that people will keep asking about. If you think, normal candles do not provide you with these amazing benefits. So, instead of buying conventionally produced candles, it is time to turn to natural and 100% pure beeswax taper candles that are highly sustainable.


Solutions to optimize your beeswax taper candles:


  • Use them under a year of your purchase:


You cannot keep these candles for a very long time without proper storage and wrap. There is a great chance that you got a lot and now you still have some but they did not burn for long compared to the fresh ones. It is because they are not the kind of product you should keep for long and if want to use them again ensure proper storage. These candles are highly beneficial as they will clean your air so a little maintenance of these candles should not be a big problem. They do not have an expiry date but natural products can be troublesome if they are not stored properly. So, make sure that you burn your candles within a year.


  • The storing process:


Those who are buying for a long time should store their beeswax taper candles properly. Remove the wrapping they come in and rewrap it in freezer paper. After that store these candles in an airtight container. It will help to increase the life of your candles to burn even if you are using them after a year. If you are keeping in a warmer area, it might be not a good idea as candles pick dust more in this environment. On the other hand, too cold a temperature can damage the candles. So, you can store them at room temperature and keep them wrapped all the time.


  • Don’t worry about the bloom:


Candles that are 100% pure go through the process of bloom and it is common. There can be some white frosty type thing around the top of the candle. It is called bloom and there is nothing to worry about it. It only changes a bit color of the burn and the candle. If you don’t like it then wipe the top with a clean cloth and the problem is solved. Make sure that you wipe it slowly and with soft hands so the candles are safe.


  • Wick Care:


In beeswax taper candles wick is an important part which you should take care of. Make sure that it has the approximate height. Whenever you light the candle, it should be from the base of the wick. If you are trimming to maintain the height don’t go too short. It looks bad as the short wick-burning only melts the wax around it giving a sinking look. The recommendation is to use it the way it is and don’t mess with the wick too much. You will be able to optimize the burning of your beeswax taper candles easily.

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