Do Wax and LED Tea Lights Get Hot?

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Using tea light candles for decorative lighting purposes is a great idea as these make the place appealing and shining. Moreover, these can help to add fragrance to the home or party place. Nowadays, a new kind of such light has been introduced that uses LED lights. A commonly asked question about such candles is whether they get hot or not. It depends upon the kind of tea light that you are going to use whether it will get hot or not.


In this precise article, we'll discuss all the queries related to the heating up of nightlight candles. So, keep reading on to have a proper answer to all your queries.


Do Tea Light Candles Heat Up?


Heating Issue of Wax Tea Light Candles


You may have an idea about the way the tea light candles burn. These use the wax as fuel and keep on using it until it is turned into a liquid form. After you ignite the candle, it will light up and will maintain its flame at the cost of wax. The fire of the candle will give off heat that may damage the fire resistance material. So, it's good to keep these candles in specialized jars or stands to make them burn effectively and safely.


Moreover, the nightlight candles come in a cup shape and all their wax will turn into a liquid form within the holder. When all the wax is converted into liquid form, it will also heat up.


Do LED Tea Lights Get Hot?


With advancements in technology, nightlight candles have also undergone innovation. The wax and flame have been replaced by the LED light and rechargeable battery. The battery and LED are so decently designed that they seem much like the regular wax tea light.


The light-emitting diode emits far lower heat than a flame. So, it will not cause much heat as does the wax light. Moreover, it's covered with a glass that doesn't let the heat come out. All this shows that the electric tea light is far safer and more secure than a regular tea light.  However, if you keep on lighting the candles for a longer time, it may cause a little heat.


Moreover, the electric nightlight doesn't consume too much energy to give off light. It means that the average battery life of such lights is far more than making them durable and long-lasting. Also, you can use them for a long time. The low heat emitting feature of LED tea lights makes them safe, so these are good for lighting up such places that are vulnerable to fire or heat.




Tea light candles are trendy ornamental pieces that are being used extensively. But these may get heated, in case of the wax tea light. So, this issue of regular wax candles should not be overlooked. If you want to decorate and light up such a place that is vulnerable to light, you can choose the electric tea lights. These will also give an appealing look to the place and are quite safe to use.

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