Candles 101: From pillar to taper and everything in between

Description: Candles are number one in coziness, comfort and warmth. There are different kinds of candles and different kinds of waxes. This blog talks about the difference between pillar and taper candles and when to use beeswax candles.

There are so many reasons to use candles. They bring warmth and peace to any space, and a high level of coziness and comfort too. Candles can be different, however, depending on how they are made and the materials they are made from. With candles there is some terminology to learn. For example, what is the difference between a pillar candle and a taper candle, and why is beeswax the best choice? 

Types of candles

A pillar candle is a wide, round candle, shaped like a pillar. Quite often, they are tall and wide, from 2 to 3 inches across and at least double that in height. This is a classic design and uses a lot of wax to create. A taper candle is a long thin candle that comes to a tapered point at the wick. They can topple easily and require a sturdy candle holder for safety. Tea lights are small disk-shaped candles contained in a shallow metal or plastic container. They are aesthetically pleasing as the wax melts away and the wick burns in the liquefied pool. Votive candles are similar to pillars in that they are cylinders or squares but are much smaller. It is common to see votives in decorative glass holders.


Which wax is best?

There are many different kinds of wax that can be used to make candles including paraffin, soy, beeswax, and palm wax. The difference among them all is the melting point and the hardness of the candle that is produced. Hardness affects the amount of hours that the candle will burn, and whether it needs to be in a container or not. Another factor in wax choice is its toxic load. Candles can also produce carcinogens and soot, unless the wax used is clean and natural. 


Sometimes candle waxes are mixed together to lower the cost or otherwise change the properties. Paraffin, for example, is inexpensive and the wax is hard, so it can be used for candles that can safely stand-alone (like some pillars and votives). It’s good for pillar candles since it is hard enough not to need a container, but it is not the best choice for anyone wanting a clean burning product.


Beeswax it is natural and chemical-free. It is also dripless and smokeless. As it is 100% natural, it does not require dyes. A beeswax candle is a lovely soft golden color and has a natural honey scent.


Choose beeswax 

Why should beeswax be your number one choice for candles? A beeswax candle is natural and free of any chemicals and additives. Beeswax is great for tapers and birthday candles and also for tea lights. With beeswax, there is no need to worry about carcinogens, harmful scents or dyes. A beeswax candle provides the natural warmth, fresh scent, and coziness that is wanted from any kind of candle.


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