It is usually claimed that beeswax candles clean the air because they are made from Beeswax. In much the same way as an air purifier, Beeswax releases negative ions into the air when burned.

How does Beeswax purify the air?

Pollutants and allergens emit positive ions, so when negative ions are released, they enter the candle and burn or fall to the ground. This causes the air to become cleaner and less allergenic.

The evidence of research 

Negative ions from beeswax candles have not been studied in detail. However, this does not mean that they do not exist. The research area is so tiny that there haven't been the funds or the time to investigate it. It's up to personal testing and anecdotal evidence until we have solid proof that candles are capable of doing these things.


A negative ion is generally created by things like flowing water, thunderstorms, and crashing waves. The reason we feel like we have a deep sense of relaxation after going to the beach or hiking through a forest may be due to it.


Negative ions are thought to help people living with asthma and boost serotonin levels in patients with depression. The negative ions themselves have been the subject of several studies, finding that exposure to them is beneficial. For people suffering from depression and anxiety, the effects are powerful, helping to reduce symptoms.

Burning a wax candle is calming and relaxing

Burning beeswax candles makes us feel calmer and more relaxed, even though further research needs to be done to determine whether they emit negative ions.


The burning of candles has proven to relieve allergies among Internet users. Candle burning has also improved breathing among children who have asthma.


These stories may be mere correlations, but they're essential to those wishing to use them prior to more research that uses controls.

Beeswax helps get rid of foul odors.

A beeswax candle is the only type of candle that might release negative ions, but there's more to it than that. The use of candles to eliminate foul odors has been around for centuries. In bathrooms where unpleasant odors are present, scented candles can mask them.


The candle can help, too, as it can pull gases such as methane into the flame and burn them. Another reason is that lighting a match can help mask the unwanted smell.

Candles that contribute to pollution

Changing your candle choice can improve your home's air quality, even if most candles cannot purify the air.


In fact, certain kinds of candles can pollute the air rather than purify it. Being aware of the emissions in your home is very important because your home is a relatively closed environment.


The worst offenders are paraffin candles. Besides releasing cancer-causing emissions, they can linger in the air up to 10 hours after extinguishing the candle. Natural wax candles, such as Beeswax, soy, coconut, and carob, burn cleanly and don't release harmful chemicals. 


Thus, if you're trying to avoid polluting the air, it's advisable to use a candle made from Beeswax!

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