Why Choose Beeswax Candles?

The best candles are made of 100% beeswax. Read about the three main reasons why you should choose beeswax candles over other types.


Burning candles brings a peaceful beauty to any space. A beautifully made candle burns steady and bright. Not all candles are created equal, though. Some candles are made with waxes and wicks that contain harmful ingredients that turn toxic when burned. It is important to use high-quality candles made of natural ingredients. 

Beeswax is the best material that candles are made from for a variety of reasons:


  • Natural 
  • Candles made from 100% beeswax are naturally non-toxic and do not require any additives to make them burn longer or brighter. Unlike paraffin candles that pollute the air when they are burned, beeswax candles actually help to purify the air. Studies have shown that beeswax candles emit negative ions when burned. Negative ions are said to help clean the air of dust and other allergens including mold and bacteria.

    Beeswax candles are a great choice for people with allergies, asthma and sensitivities to artificial scents. The gentle, natural scent of a 100% beeswax candle comes from the flowers that the bees collected pollen from. Each candle may have a slightly different scent, depending on what type of flowers the bees were visiting most. 

    Look for natural beeswax candles that use 100% cotton wicks. Wicks that contain a metal filament are toxic to burn. The best beeswax candles produce the least amount of smoke when burned. 

  • Brightest, Longest Burning Flame
  • Beeswax candles burn more brightly and warmly than other candles. The light from the flame on a beeswax candle is warm and inviting. Some say that the light from a beeswax candle is so calming because it is very close on the light spectrum to sunlight. 

    Since beeswax has a higher melting point than other candle materials, beeswax candles burn more slowly and last much longer. A typical 10” 100% beeswax taper candle will burn for approximately 10 hours. 

  • Beautiful
  • Beeswax is a beautiful substance all on its own. It does not require artificial color or scents to increase its natural beauty. Beeswax candles that are cream or yellow are usually naturally colored by the pollen that the bees store within their hives. These colors may vary across the most beautiful honey-like shades. In order to achieve a lighter candle, beeswax candle manufacturers simply purify the wax before dipping the candles. No bleach is required. 

    Candles made of 100% beeswax are also almost completely drip-free. There is no need to worry about them ruining your table linens or spilling over onto your special candlesticks. Beeswax candles make the most beautiful additions to any dining table. 

    Beeswax candles really are the best candles to add a beautiful ambiance to any room. You can burn them confidently knowing that you aren’t adding any toxins into the air.

    Hyoola Candles handmakes the highest quality candles from 100% locally sourced wax from bees in Bayonne, New Jersey. We use only 100% cotton wicks for the safest burn possible. Hyoola Candles has been making natural beeswax candles since World War II and continues to offer naturally beautiful candles to customers around the world. 

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