Are There Health Benefits to Candles?

Description: Candles provide a number of benefits to our lifestyle, but are they also good for our health?

We all know that candles can provide benefits to our lifestyle. Their look and smells can fill a space with calmness, but can they also provide tangible health benefits? This has been a question asked by psychologists, scientists and health professionals for years and, it turns out, candle burning has proven to be beneficial to our health, according to some experts. Let’s walk through a few ways that candles can help improve our health and provide benefits to our minds and bodies.

Triggering Routine

One of the most interesting studies and theories around the health benefits of candles is their relationship to our routines. As getting into a regular and dependable routine has only gotten more difficult in the past year, many people are looking for ways to train themselves into a more regular lifestyle. Candles, it turns out, can help with this quite substantially.


The human mind responds very well to routine. When we sleep and wake up at the same time every day, we can have more energy overall and experience a number of improvements to our everyday lives. Lighting candles to help with this routine can actually help train our minds into new routines more effectively.


The link between smell and our mind is very close and there has been some evidence that lighting candles of the same scent at the same time of day, or during the same task, can help train our minds to be more productive in those times. It can help us create routines and stick to them more easily, which is pretty exciting.


Healthier Waxes

Candles can offer a number of benefits for calming our minds and creating relaxing atmospheres, which can all be beneficial for our mental health. Choosing which candles to use for these purposes, however, is important. After all, not all candles are created equal.


There has been some study on the impact of paraffin wax burning on our health and some it points to potential negative effects. Beeswax candles, by contrast, do not appear to have the same issues. If you want to tap into the full benefits of candles for your health, be sure to choose beeswax candles.


Getting Better Sleep

This past decade has given us more powerful devices in smaller and smaller forms, and it has led to us staring at small screens for longer and longer. This has had a direct impact on our ability to sleep, but candles can help.


If you want to help your nightly routine and get your mind in the mood for sleep, try soothing candlelight. Rather than relying on the blue of our screens or unnatural light, candlelight can help our minds relax and unwind after the day, and potentially help us with our sleep. Regular and consistent sleep has a number of proven health benefits. Of course, always make sure your candles are completely snuffed out before you head to bed.

If you want to use candles to improve your mood and potentially see some health benefits, Hyoola Candles can help. Our beeswax candles are beautifully made and can bring the relaxing atmosphere you want to your life.

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