7 Ways to Use Tea Light Candles for Romantic Evenings

tea light candles

Tea light candles or commonly known as the little pot candles are the perfect choice to accessorize your room for a romantic evening or a date night. For couples who are planning a candlelit dinner date at home, tea light candles are what you need to set a romantic tone. Any romantic occasion is incomplete without the magical glow of these candles.


Here are some of the ways you can use tea light candles to make your intimate moments even more romantic:

 1.Create a romantic corner:

In your room, find a corner, somewhere by the window or near the bed. Set a table with your partner’s favorite wine and flowers. Not to forget the glasses. Along with this, place a couple of tea light candles on the table to create a romantic feel. Sit by the window in the beautiful glow of the candles and spend the night talking to your partner.

 2.Scented tea light candles:

Candle scents can make up a romantic and intimate mood anytime, anywhere. If your partner is not allergic to candle scents, then you should try this one at least once. Place scented candles in your room. It will not only make your room brighter but will also give off a romantic aroma.

 3. Candlelit pathway:

Candlelit pathways are a popular way to express your love to your special someone. It is considered one of the most romantic ways to propose to your partner. You will need two dozen or more tea light candles, depending upon the distance of the pathway. Simply place them on the floor creating a pathway that will lead to the ultimate surprise.

 4. Romantic spa evening:

One of the best ways to spend an intimate evening with your partner is to plan a spa date at home. To uplift the atmosphere, you can use candles and scented oils to make an intimate spa evening. You can enjoy a relaxing massage, a bubble bath, your favorite wine, and soothing music in the background.

 5. Floating candles:

Here’s another idea on how you can accessorize your room for romantic evenings. The candle pots are quite lightweight, so they easily float on the water. Take wine glasses, or big crystal jars, and fill them it water and flowers to make them look more attractive and colorful. Place the candles, lit the, and let them float.

 6. Candle lanterns:

You can enhance your room’s overall look by placing lanterns in a cozy corner of your room. However, if you are looking for a romantic night to spend with your partner, you can simply put tea light candles inside the lanterns and it will give a luminous effect with intricate designs reflecting on the wall.

 7. Spell out your love:

You can use the tea light candles to make an affectionate gesture to your partner. You can spell out “I love you”, or “Will you marry me?” or simply make a heart shape by using the candles. It is the perfect way to celebrate your partner’s birthday, wedding anniversaries, or proposals.

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